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The Truffle

The truffle is a particular "mushroom" that is born and lives completely underground, near the roots of some tree plants.

Truffles are an extremely valuable and sought-after food product for their particular aroma and flavor.

Below we present the different types of truffles that can be found in Montepulciano.


Fresh Truffles

The white truffle is considered one of the finest

(Harvest season from 10 september to 31 December)

The Marzuolo truffle also known as Bianchetto belongs to the white truffle family and reaches its maturity in March.

(Harvest season from 10 January to 30 April)

The Scorzone truffle, also known as the black summer truffle, is characterized by a particularly rough and black skin.
It has good organoleptic characteristics even if not comparable to those of the Black Truffle.

(Harvest season from 1 May to 30 September)